Brand Design

We bring brands to life.

Building better brands

A brand is so much more than just a logo or a trademark… it is your unique, authentic corporate identity. It encapsulates the perception others have about your product or service and it clearly describes your organisation to both internal (staff, volunteers, etc.) and external (customers, suppliers, funders, regulators etc.) stakeholders.

Your brand is created by giving considerable thought to the appropriate combination of  visual and language elements such as names, icons, colours, typography, terminology imagery and slogans.


Invest in your brand

An effective brand identity can become a key ‘business tool’ to help your organisation gain competitive advantage in your marketplace by drawing your stakeholders’ attention to you. A strong brand will give stakeholders a positive perception of what your organisation is about, what it stands for and what it does well.  It will give you ‘stand-out’ from your competition, helping to shape a favourable impression of your organisation and encouraging engagement.  Moreover, it will help to build loyalty from your stakeholders so that they will continue to engage with you.

Development process

Definition & Engagement

We work with you to get to know your organisation, your sector, your marketplaces, your competition and your target stakeholders. This helps us to clearly define your organisational objectives, your relative strengths and talents, your marketplace dynamics and your stakeholder demands.

Creative Work-Up

In creating your brand, we take into account such factors as the environments in which it will be used and the type of products or services it must support. In addition, we ensure that your brand will be sufficiently robust to adapt to any future demands, for example as more activities are added to your portfolio, or as your organisation moves into new markets.


When your exciting new brand identity is defined, we can work with you to bring it to life (and to market), by partnering with you to develop and implement a Brand Due Diligence Action Plan. This may include areas such as Companies House registrations, trademark applications, securing web domains and social media handles, updating company memorandum and articles of association, notifying suppliers, updating employee contracts etc.

Embedding the Brand

Once your new or evolved brand has been launched, we can provide continued support to ensure it is achieving maximum impact and really working to its full potential.  Through this ongoing relationship, we can design and deliver additional branded marketing activities to move your marketing operations further forward.

Special offer to introduce our brand development services

To launch our new brand design and consultancy services, for a limited time only we are making available two introductory brand design packages that will enable you to take the first steps towards your exciting new identity.

Introductory Offer

Introductory Brand Identity Design Pack (Standard)

  • An introduction to your brand*
  • Your logo design** (supplied with design files), including guidance on utilisation
  • Your brand typography definition***
  • Your brand colour palette definition

Introductory Brand Identity Design Pack (Premium)

  • An introduction to your brand*
  • Your logo design** (supplied with design files), including guidance on utilisation
  • Your brand typography definition***
  • Your brand colour palette definition
  • Your brand imagery guidance
  • Bringing your brand to life guidance**** (sample designs for various marketing outputs)
The finer details of these introductory offers

*Based on information provided by the client on the organisation/sector and its key marketing statements such as its mission, vision and values and 2 hours of consultancy time to help define the client’s requirements and market dynamics. Should you require it, we can provide further expert brand consultancy support to help you define/realign your product/service positioning and branding strategies which will form a solid foundation for the development of your brand identity. 

**Price quoted is for development and presentation of 3 draft logo concepts from which the client will select their preferred option. There then will be a maximum of 5 further refinements to the preferred logo concept included in the cost. Should additional concepts of refinements be required, they will be charged to a pre-agreed level based on our standard design rate. 

***This does not include provision of proposed typeface files, you may need to purchase those separately. 

****This will include a selection of suggested layouts for the likes of corporate stationary, signage, marketing literature and vehicle livery etc. but not the actual design files for those outputs which may need to be purchased separately if required. 

Time to apply a creative touch to your brand identity?