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Helping you to get it right

Here you will additional information that should help you commission and progress your project with us at Peninsula Print & Design.

What does the price include?

All our prices are inclusive of proofing, production and VAT, where applicable. (Remember, brochures, newsletters, handouts and books are all zero VAT products. Please ask us for clarification concerning your particular product if you are unsure).

Do you deliver?

All our products can be delivered to your door, or to any other address you specify. If delivery is requested, it will be included in your price.

How many colours can I have?

Peninsula Print & Design do all full-colour and black & white work, as well as spot colour and mono. If your job requires colours outside the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & black) range, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and help you make an informed choice.

What do I need to supply?

You will need to supply artwork as a digital file on disk, via email or via our send a file facility, to our specifications. If you do not have digital artwork, we can convert your original into a digital format. Our fully integrated art and design service can provide original artwork to suit your needs. For further information on Artwork or our Specifications see our Print Guidelines.

Do I see a proof before printing?

Yes, all jobs must have an approved proof before production can proceed. Proofs are generally sent via email, however we’ll be happy to supply a hard copy proof on request. Please keep in mind your desired turnaround time when requesting a hard copy proof.

Can I make alterations to a file after I have seen the proof?

Yes. However any alterations are charged for on an hourly basis and the provision of a further proof will be subject to a fee. However, if you can resupply the file with the necessary changes made, you will only be charged for the new proof. If we make corrections to the file, you will be charged for each correction, and the proof. For more information on our policy regarding corrections, see our Print Guidelines.

Can I make alterations to a file I have sent?

Please see our Print Guidelines page, under Alternations and Corrections. Alterations can be costly. They are charged on an hourly basis and another proof may need to be produced. Before sending files or requesting a final proof, make sure your artwork is correct and does not need alterations.

What sort of turnaround time can I expect?

This depends of course on the nature and the volume of the job. We aim to provide same day estimates and quotes, and can turn around a proof from final artwork within 24 hours when required. As far as the finished job is concerned, once we have an approved proof, it will take a maximum of five working days for delivery of the final product. When faster delivery than this is required however, we can generally make arrangements to accommodate a customer’s requirements.

How do I order?

Simply fill in an online order form, as provided on this site, or call our customer liaison staff directly on 028 9181 4125.

Are there samples available to check the quality of Peninsula Print & Design’s work?

Yes – for a sample pack, please contact our customer liaison staff on 028 9181 4125, or visit our offices in person.

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