Print Services

How we achieve excellence.

It’s about making ideas happen.

Our vast print experience means we know how best to turn your concept into the finished item in a manner that meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.


We can advise you on the best methods of production and finishing. And if you need guidance on your replenishment processes, we also offer expert support with stock management/reprinting.


Longer Run Litho Print

We operate a full range of lithographic machinery ranging in sheet size from B2 down. All of our printing machinists and technicians are trade qualified and trained to operate in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 stipulations. Our kit is ideal for high volume printing where the utmost degree of colour accuracy is required.

Short Run Digital Print

Digital Printing is the fastest growing medium in the print industry. It offers a very cost-effective solution for short-run applications that require very quick turnarounds. With digital print, only the required quantity needs be produced at any time, which eliminates the cost of obsolete inventory.

Large Format Printing

Our in-house creative team can develop content for your print outputs. This may include devising layouts, helping you to source imagery, support with copywriting and editing and guidance on best format and finish options. We can also provide a pre-press checking service to ensure the suitability of your ‘print ready’ design files or help you make your design print perfect.

Copy Shop

High quality photocopying offers a viable alternative to printing. It combines three key benefits: (i)  lower costs, (ii) the opportunity to experiment with a variety of formats and styles, and, (iii) ever-faster turnaround times. This is why we have developed our Konica-based Copy Shop, with a full range of photocopying services to suit all budgets and requirements.

Print Finishing/Post Production

The manner in which a print job is presented, or finished, is a crucial element in its production. At Peninsula, our Finishing Department operates the latest bindery equipment, ensuring that the most suitable finish is selected and applied to your printed product. How do you want your finished goods packaged? We can sort and bundle bulk quantities as required and prepare them for dispatch with plastic wrapping and labelling.

Variable Data Print & Customised Mailings

Variable data printing allows you to print letters, flyers or documents with different information on each one. You can change images and text, as well as the names and addresses of recipients, and personalise and focus your written communication. This means that although your message is reaching a large number of people, you are able to speak directly to each individual.

Print Stocks Management

Print items are bulky, space-consuming and difficult to handle. That’s why we offer a full print management service. This means Peninsula Print acts as your logistics team – we store your products in our secure warehousing facilities until you need them, then we deliver them whenever and wherever you want. All inventoried items are monitored by trained warehousing staff and all stock movements are carefully logged.

3D Printing

Now your ideas can be seen, held and touched even at the earliest stages. Our 3D printing facility allows you to test, revise and perfect products before they are unveiled. It gives you the freedom to iterate – and innovate – like never before.  Our customers are using this fantastic technique to transform their ideas into tangible products. Why not give it a go?

Making it personal makes an impact

Direct Mail
Customers respond best to personalised service and direct marketing campaigns can use variable data printing to benefit from this. So instead of sending a single message to 10,000 customers, variable data printing means you can send 10,000 individual documents with a personalised message for each customer.

Customer Service
With variable data printing, full colour news letters, magazines, vouchers and other printed material can be varied to match your customers’ geographic location, income bracket, education level or other relevant detail. And product manuals can be versioned to match variations in your products.

Corporate Documents
We use variable data printing to personalise corporate printed material such as business cards and directors’ and managers’ letter headed paper. Staff handbooks, policies and other documents can be versioned to make them more relevant to each employee.

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